Member Clubs

District 5 has 20 member Clubs.  District 5 is in the most southern part of Ontario, in fact we have the southernmost trails in Canada.


The following is a list of our member Clubs:

Bridgeport Snowmobile Club

Burford Area Snowmobile Club

Drumbo Snowmobile Club

Ellice Swampers Snowmobile Club

Elmira Snowmobile Club

Glencoe & District Snowmobile Club

New Dundee Snowmobile Club

Nith Valley Snow Surfers Snowmobile Club

Northeast Hope Snowmobile Club

Pineridge Snowmobile Club

Plattsville Snowmobile Club

Poplar Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club

Science Hill Drifters Snowmobile Club

Southern Sno Riders Snowmobile Club

St. Clements Snowmobile Club

Strathroy Sno Blizzards Snowmobile Club

Thamesford Snowmobile Club

Warwick Snowmobile Club

Wellesley Sno Sports Snowmobile Club

Westwood Hills Snowmobile Club