Please reach out the district office if you would like to Volunteer


From A Newbie’s Perspective,

As I sit here and reflect on the season that is winding down in District 5, I find myself wondering how to measure how successful our club’s season was. I suppose we could use next year’s permit sales, groomer hours, Facebook Likes and so on, but what really is important?
In my opinion, success is measured by the team and their ability to continue to grow and improve their performance. A team cannot hold status-quo or they will become stale. Just because we did it last year, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be as successful this year. To be the best your club can be, you must constantly be looking for ways to change and improve.
The purpose of this post is to share what I learned in my first full season as a Club Member of the Science Hill Drifters (SHD) Club. To be honest, I was hesitant to join. Would I have the time to really contribute? How many hours would it take away from my family and my riding? What are the members of the SHD club really like and what are they really all about?
Let me answer my own questions now that I have been involved for a year. I can honestly tell you that it probably worked the opposite of what I had expected in many ways…I actually had more excuses to ride! The activities involved my family so it created more family time. I made some new friends and riding partners. I have more appreciation in what club’s really do for us the rider, and finally, one thing that I wasn’t expecting…PRIDE in what we as a team, delivered this year.
The Science Hill Drifters Club is made up of a great bunch of people, all with different skill sets and ambitions, but they truly do have one thing in common, the love of the sport and the desire to provide the best trails that we can with the materials Mother Nature provides us.
So what’s my point? It’s simple. To continue to have a great team we need to have new ideas. If you are sitting on the fence or have even considered what it would be like to join the club, don’t be hesitant like I was…Come on out! If you have any specific questions, shoot us a PM and we will answer you the best we can. If you want to volunteer, let us know and we will contact you when we have activities planned.
What do you have to lose?
I know you spend hours waxing your sled 3 or 4 times before the season begins. I know you sit in the shop with some of your riding buddies brand bashing and reminiscing about the previous season over a cocktail or two! I know because I do it too!
You will all agree that this time gets your mojo going and you start thinking about your snow dances and praying for another great winter ahead! Let me promise you this, there’s no better way to get you pumped for the upcoming season than to volunteer some time setting up a trail by helping with staking! Who doesn’t get excited when you see the trail stakes appearing!
There’s much more than just trail fun that you can help with to support and get that throttle thumb twitching!
Bottom line for me, I wish I would have come out sooner! It’s always a good time and you can count on meeting some great people so give it some thought! Shoot us a message and let’s chat! We’d love to hear from you!

Dwayne Lawrence
Science Hill Drifters